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6th-Nov-2007 11:42 am - Wonder Woman
This post contains some spoilers for Wonder Woman stories

Diana of Themiscyra, Princess of the Amazons, known as Wonder Woman in the world of Men. Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules.

Wonder Woman is not only DC's premier female superhero, she's the most mythic of the superheroes they have. This means a fascinating array of mythical creatures to aid and oppose her - often female.

In Eyes of the Gorgon she fights Medusa - and she blinds herself to avoid the Gorgon's eyes.

In League of One, a dragon wakes, and the Oracle at Delphi predicts that when the Justice League go to fight it, both they and the dragon will die. Diana incapacitates or removes the other League members and goes to fight the dragon alone, embodying the League to spare the lives of her friends. There's a fascinating scene between Diana and Batman - he tells her they will work around the prophecy, and Diana is furious necause he does not understand the power of the Oracle. Once the Oracle has spoken, it is done - trying to change the fate it speaks only results in you bringing that fate about.

In The Hiketeia, Batman and Wonder Woman clash again. The Hiketeia is an ancient Greek hospitality rite, where a supplicant places themselves entirely in another's hands. If the supplicated breaks the rite, the Furies, the Kindly Ones, will come for them, and tear them apart - and no one is immune to their power once invoked. Diana granted Hiketeia to a woman who is being pursued by Batman for four murders she committed, and again, we see the clash of the mythic and the modern.

Done badly, Wonder Woman is a comic bondage figure. Done well, Wonder Woman is a magnificent, mythic icon of womanhood.
5th-Nov-2007 11:50 am - Women in Myths
Long afterward, Oedipus, old and blinded, walked the
roads. He smelled a familiar smell. It was
the Sphinx. Oedipus said, "I want to ask one question.
Why didn't I recognize my mother?" "You gave the
wrong answer," said the Sphinx. "But that was what
made everything possible," said Oedipus. "No," she said.
"When I asked, What walks on four legs in the morning,
two at noon, and three in the evening, you answered,
Man. You didn't say anything about woman."
"When you say Man," said Oedipus, "you include women
too. Everyone knows that." She said, "That's what
you think."
5th-Jun-2006 06:59 pm - Becoming a Professional Domme...
Cleo Dubois is one of the women who trained me as a professional dominant -- and once a year, she opens her Academy of SM Arts to profesional dominas who seek to begin or further develop their skills and talents. Cleo is renowned for her integration of spirituality and SM, and her faculty is chosen with that in mind. I'll be present at the intensive to teach a bit on marketing and the web this year, after having taken the course myself in 2004.

If you come into contact with a pro-domme-to-be, please pass this along to her!

If you have any questions about what it's like to take the course, you can feel free to email me.

Erotic Dominance Intensive, for Professional Dominas
August 4-6, 2006
Deepen your understanding of fetishes, make your scenes soar!
The SF Citadel, San Francisco
Meet & Greet, Thursday, August 3
Hands-on training, Limited to 8 students - Enrolling Now!
Teachers: Cleo Dubois, Eve Minax & Selina Raven

Apply at:

Cleo & Eve Minax also offer this course for lifestyle players --

Erotic Dominance Intensive Weekend for Dominant Women and Women Who Switch
September 30-October 1, 2006
Gain the confidence you want to connect heat, heart and spirit in your play!
SF Citadel, San Francisco
Meet & Greet Friday, September 29 7-9:30 pm
Hands On Training! Class Limited to 8 Women, Enrolling Now!
Teachers: Cleo Dubois and Eve Minax & local guest faculty

Apply at:
26th-Oct-2005 03:18 pm - Women's Symposium!
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
I am pleased to announce the first OTO Women's Symposium which will be held in Las Vegas, NV on August 5-6, 2006 at the GoldCoast Casino.
OTOWS attendance is open to all initiate members (women and men) in good standing of OTO. All attendees must pre-register. Registration will open in early 2006. Some events will be limited to women only.
A call for presenters will be announced soon. Additional details for attendees will be announced when registration opens.
Please pass this announcement on to your local body elists.
Love is the law, love under will.
Kayla Block
Onsite Coordinator
OTOWS 2006"

93 Sisters, I wanted to continue passing on the news, which I thought also belonged here. I'm also interested in the types of things we'd like to see and have at an event like this.
Some of my ideas:
1. Scholarships
2. Child care/child friendly
3. Focus on hard topics
4. Workshops; body image, priestessing, female magickians, art shows/EGC fashion shows
5. Alternatives to gambling

93 93/93
Soror Oro, Courie Bishop
27th-Sep-2005 03:28 pm - Lucha Libre - Bolivian Style
girlie - me- curl
In This Corner, in the Flouncy Skirt and Bowler Hat...
EL ALTO, Bolivia - In her red multilayered skirt, white pumps and gold-laced shawl, the traditional dress of the Aymara people, Ana Polonia Choque might well be preparing for a night of folk dancing or, perhaps, a religious festival. But as Carmen Rosa, master of the ring and winner of 100 bone-crunching bouts in Bolivia's colorful wrestling circuit, she is actually dressing for a night of mayhem...

An interesting article about female wrestlers in Bolivia.
26th-Sep-2005 09:09 am - Woman Soldiers from around the World
angry - gun
Woman Soldiers from around the World

Interesting pictures of female soldiers from around the world.
The Guardian today has a brief article about a study done in America. The study concluded there were very few inbuilt differences between men and women.

Two very interesting points were made.

One: That "the more a country fosters women's financial independence, the less they are attracted by rich men"

Two: That "although women tend to be twice as likely as men to suffer depression in the Anglo-Saxon (Americanised) world, that difference disappears in much of gender-equal Scandinavia."

These would seem fairly obvious; but it's scientific evidence that women aren't necessarily naturally hysterical gold-diggers; that too many have been made that way by our cultures expectations and pressures.

How much of what you define as womanhood is genetic, how much nurtured? And does it make a difference?
13th-Sep-2005 11:52 am - Rites of Passage
love - girls
OK, No one has posted anything in a while in so I thought I would start something:

In honor of my 35th birthday this Friday (and my unfortunate hysterectomy this past May), I decided to do a little "modification" to reclaim my body. So last night I went and got a genital piercing (yes, THERE, and YES it really hurt. Like getting hit down there with a hammer).

So my question is this, how have/do/will you celebrate the milestones in your life?? Whether it's the turning of a new year or decade, marriage, divorce, birth of a child, menopause, mastectomy, hysterectomy, sex change, whatever you consider a significant change in your "womanhood", what do you think is a good way to celebrate or mark the occasion?
1st-Sep-2005 12:42 am(no subject)
If it's the 31st where you are, Maria Montessori was born today. Although she may not be the exemplar of scarletharlotry, she revolutionized education for the preschool set. Yay for her and Happy September to everyone.
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