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27th-Aug-2005 09:38 am(no subject)
Following is a letter written by my King of the May (2003) regarding Annwfn. If you care for sacred space or community, this is a cause that is worthy of your attention.

I apologize in advance if this message is off topic, but the need is great and URGENT.

Some of you know of a place near Ukiah, CA called Annwfn. This pagan sanctuary and sacred land has been held in love and spirit by those who have found it to be a place of power, beauty and healing for decades. It was once under the control and protection of the Church of All Worlds but more recently has been left to the means of a small community of wiccans and faeries and others. I count myself among those who appreciate the unique and wonderful purpose it has served and will serve if we can save it.

For some time now there has been an escalating battle whereby disapproving and selfish neighbors have been trying to abridge the rights of the visitors to and caretakers of this privately held land to use the common road called the Green Way. I'll spare you the gory details but it has become clear that this is not merely a fight about land use or road rights, but is a condemnation of and affront to the pagan nature of this place and it's people.

To protect Annwfn from this petty and hateful assault, a lawyer has been engaged and many proceedings have come to pass. This has built up over $11,000 in legal fees. Now, on the eve of arbitration where our rights to the road and land are likely to prevail, the lawyers are extorting their fees from us. We have it on good authority that they will cease representing us if we do not pay them immediately. Without them, the pending arbitration will almost certainly go ill for us.

We need your help. Please visit the website (http://www/annwfn.org), talk to your friends and associates and most of all, I am loathe to say it but it's true, we need your money! It's tax deductible! :)

Hereafter I am including a message that appears on the website that speaks to the background and current situation more fully. Thank you in advance for any help and please... PASS IT ON!

Blessed Be!

Don 'Bear' Wilkinson
King of the May, Annwfn 2003

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Monies raised so far: $3,505.50Collapse )
25th-Aug-2005 09:22 am - Yikes!
girlie - me- curl
This is a rather disturbing series of sex ed cartoons by the BBC entitled "Am I a Freak?".

They are definitely NSFW (not safe for work) and kind of disturbing. The first one is called "Funny Flaps" and you don't wanna know what that is in reference to.
24th-Aug-2005 07:42 pm(no subject)
Kinky Girlfriend

Hello...I'm new here...

I wasn't sure if anyone has seen this yet, but I submitted a story to help get this site off the ground, they're still putting submissions, etc. together. I'm wondering if anyone else out there is looking for a place to post erotica/photos/whatever in a women-run space.

What else are people sending things to?
22nd-Aug-2005 12:55 pm(no subject)
Today in 1893, Dorothy Parker was born. Hooray for sharp witted, feisty, and intelligent women.
20th-Aug-2005 08:16 am - August 19th
Unsolicited and possibly lame, (PLEASE let me know if the hopefully daily following is more obnoxious than helpful), I have a "Women Who Dare" weekly calendar, a datebook type thing with an inspiring-female-oriented-type-schnitzel every day. It has some lovely B&W pictures of some famous names, (Hepburn, Kahlo, etc.) but most days are just filled with "This Day In Female History" factoids.

And therefore:

Friday 19 August: "Fashion designer Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel is born in Samur, France. Among her creations are the Chanel suit, the 'little black dress,' and the perfume Chanel No. 5."

Although this may not be the focus of scarletharlots it could give a diving point, even if it is to give crazy remarks. Personally, I think Chanel 5 smells to high heaven in a bad way.
19th-Aug-2005 09:20 pm - Is this disturbing??
girlie - me- curl
Yeah, I am not sure how I feel about this, but apparently someone decided to modify their Barbie so she could realistically use a tampon.

http://www.paaady.de/site/unfug/barbie.htm (not in English, but it doesn't really have to be)
19th-Aug-2005 01:30 pm - MOD CALL!
girlie - me- curl
Ok, here is a call for co-mods!

This community has a large membership and a great deal of potential, but it is a ghost town. I have tried several things to revive it, but the bottom line is it needs some new blood (cuz what I am doing ain't working). I am want to try a new approach to modding and see if having a couple of mods with designated "specialties" will lessen the burden and encourage participation. So if any of you are knowledgeable in any of these areas and can commit to posting in the community at least once a week or so let me know:

Warrior women, feminists, Amazons, self-defense, martial arts, women in war, criminals
Witchcraft, paganism, mysticism, spirituality, demonology (this is primarily NON wiccan in tone, but that's ok if that's your background)
Sexuality, bdsm, erotica, female positive porn
Women in the arts, rock music, authors
Women's issues, legal concerns, pro-choice, equal rights
Beauty products, primping gear, shopping (not in the "how to lose weight and look like Britney Spears" vein, more decadent and alternative)

You can post links, articles, writings (yours or others), historical info, polls, philosophical questions, mythology, pop culture, educations information, resources, musings, conversation starters, book or movie reviews, whatever you want. You can also sign up for more than one topic and we can have more than one mod per topic.

Posts don't have to JUST be about women or of a feminist bend, but they should at least be things of interest to women. And you don't have to be a woman to do it either.

Let me know if anyone is interested!
12th-Aug-2005 07:00 am - Feminist Fridays - The F-Word
girlie - me- curl
The F-Word
This webzine exists to help encourage a new sense of community among UK feminists, and to show the doubters that feminism still exists here, today, now - and is as relevant to the lives of the younger generation as it was to those in the 60s and 70s.
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